Atlantic Avenue

Oh, say!

A song for parents from far away

Who crossed the ocean one ancient day

To live on these streets where now we play

Oh, say!


Do you recall their smiling faces

Sepia snapped in far off places?

Do you recall their warm embraces

Oh, pray?


Their accented voices snag in your ears

To put you to sleep or dry your tears

They echoed the sounds of olden places


The smelled of different kind of soil

They sweated from a different kind of toil

You counted all the lines on their wrinkled faces


Where have they gone?

Where have they gone?


Are they still sitting, hands on canes

In front of houses, on park benches

Do they live in their graves

Unvisited on a hill?

Are they remembered still?


I walk along Atlantic Ave

Where the grocery stores all have

Open hearted bins of beans and spices

Overflowing bags of grains and rices


With misty eyes I inhale

Lentils stream through my fingers

Like tears the lentils fall

I gather up them all

And paper bag in hand

I wander home

And recall

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP