Battle oBrooklyn

Oh, the Redcoats came and the battle roared

And the Maryland regiment trapped in a ford

Loaded each musket, drew each sword


Nearly three hundred men

Soldiers brave and true

In battle dress of ragged blue

Were murdered as the redcoats slew and slew


And Washington looking over the kill

From a safe place on a distant hill

Marveled at the soldiers’ rustic will


Saying “Good, God, what brave fellows this day I must lose”

Indeed. What news.


It’s written on a plaque on the crumbling wall

Of the local VFW hall

How the Maryland soldiers fell, nearly all


You can imagine the ancient drama

If you see the diorama

At the old stone house at the battle’s scene

Up beyond the green


A battle, one of many

Common as a rusted penny

You can read of in a history book

Curled up in a cozy nook


But the ghosts of the soldiers dead and gone

The souls of the ones who passed bloodily on

Some feel their presence on great swaths of lawn


As the stout lady sings and the brass band plays

As we gather on Memorial days

Have you noticed how a little one smiles and sways?


We’re charmed and delighted

We give her a round

As she dances to the bright band sound

Marching her little feet off the ground


It’s my fancy that a soldier, long lost

Buried deep beneath the frost

A soldier boy, both true and brave

Once or twice a year rises from his grave


And respectfully listens to the band

Occasionally offers his ghostly hand

To the one who dances alone on the lawn

And waltzes with her lovingly as we look on


Knowing full well, we and he

That one day we’ll all be

Dancing, after battles, ghostily

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP