Biff 'N Tony's WeddinG

We bought a present, we circled the date

Now we packed the car and we’re headin’ upstate

We're in a hurry, don't wanna be late

We’re going to a wedding


The weatherman says it's gonna be warm

There is no threat of a thunderstorm

The guests and the honey bees all gonna swarm

We’re going to a wedding


Biff n’ Tony’s wedding

The sun is shining, Biff is sweating

Tony's thinking 'bout all the gifts they’ll be getting

Biff and Tony’s wedding


Biff's mom has the whole thing catered

Bartended and handsomely waitered

Biff's brother hired a wedding band

Everything's going the way that they planned


Biff's Dad, who helped pick out the rings,

Is thinking, "Who can tell what any life brings?"

He's blinking a tear from his twinkling eye

Biff says, "C'mon Dad, you're gonna make me cry!"


Biff and Tony’s wedding

Tony’s glowing, Biff’s still sweating

Which is the only thing upsetting

’Bout Biff and Tony’s wedding


The minister blesses and speaks of God

Which nobody there finds the least bit odd

He tells me "If I'm gonna lead my flock

I can't be trying to turn back the clock"


The little ones went to the beach for the day

Mother thought it prudent to keep them away

Tony's folks didn’t show, ’cause what they think the bible say

Guess they're gonna just stay home and pray!


They're missing all the food, they're missing all the fun

They're missing Biff and Tony hugging everyone

They're missing all the tears, they're missing all the brew

They're missing all the music and the dancing, too


At Biff and Tony’s wedding

No one is sad and no one is fretting

Except Biff in his tux, he's still sweating!

Biff and Tony’s wedding


At Biff and Tony's wedding

There's no shotgun and no bloodletting

No regretting, no forgetting

Biff and Tony's wedding




All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP