Sev’ral bridges

Spreading like arms

Wide like a mother’s drawing in

Strong like a father’s gently sending away

But not so far one can’t return

Can’t hurry home again


Crossing rivers

Crossing gulfs

Bridging time and tides

Wagons, trains, cars, people

Flooding in and out, across

Passing like blood through veins


Answering home’s heartbreaking call

Keening us back, each, all

Into the arms of our beloved mother, city


Just once for a holiday

Then sent right back on our way

To return next year or never

Saying goodbye forever


As we speed away as fast

As our adulthood can carry us

Hurtling toward our self-made reckoning

In the rear-view mirror we can still see

Arching shoulders

Outstretched arms




All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP