Christmas Eve With You

As we hang the mistletoe

You tell me how you miss ‘em so

I tell you to remember, though

They’ll be here tomorrow

“It’s not the same,” you tell me then

“When they were young, way back when

We’ll never have those days again”

I tell you, “There’s no need for sorrow"



‘Cause tonight is our night

The candles are alight

The decorations look just right

And babe, you do too

And now all the trimming’s done

And our Christmas has begun

I tell you, Babe you’re still the one I wanna say ‘I love you’ to

As I spend this Christmas eve with you


Remember how each Christmas Eve

After we had trimmed the tree

The kids would ask “Mom and Dad, can we

Open up just one tonight?”

We’d say, “Ok, but only one

The rest must wait til tomorrow’s sun”

We’d tuck them in and when we were done

We’d hold each other tight





This is for you my dearest one

It isn’t’ much but open it hon

It's just a small little thing I’ve done

To say 'I love you, I really do'





All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP