All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP

 Coming Home

Whip up some eggnog

Turn on the TV log

Throw some pine cones down

Wear your red nightgown

Put tinsel on the tree

Hang a pretty wreath

Read that funny poem

‘Cause I’m comin’ home


Yeah I know it’s been while

Such a long, long time

Since I’ve seen your little smile

Since you’ve seen mine


Don’t ask me where I’ve been

What trouble I’ve been in

Just be at the door

Like you done before

I won’t be bringing much

A pair of socks and such

Toothbrush and comb

But, I’m coming home


Yeah I know it’s been some time

Yeah, it’s been a while

Can you belivee that finally I’m

Goin’ that extra mile


You say it doesn’t matter much

That I have been so out of touch

That I’ve been a lousy such and such

Most the time

You say it doesn’t signify

That all did was cheat and lie

That’s the difrerence ‘tween you and I

But now I’m...


No don’t say a word

Pretend you haven’t heard

Spare the fatted calf

Let’s just have a laugh

Just be your perfect self

My favorite Chrismas el

My little garden gnome


When I get home

Shake up that old snow dome

Cause I’m comin’ home