Dizziness & Dreams


Since taking you in

Everything seems

All dizziness and dreams


You come to me at night

You know I need you

More than you need me

And I put up no fight

Indeed you

Feed me

And oh

These visions with which you infuse me

Confuse me

They make my head spin




I feel you in the morning

Lightness comes

Brightness numbs

And without warning

Rightness dumbs

Mightiness succumbs

And, oh

I stumble down the stair

And I don't care

I bear and grin




You go away at noon

With a parting smile

For a little while

And it's none too soon

Before another trial

Another vial

Of you

And these visions

You entrance me

Romance me

Make me dance and spin




I try to hum a tune

I need to

Await my lovers moon

I need you

But, oh, these visions


All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP