Far be It From Me

Far be it from me to suggest a revolution

I wouldn’t know how to go about it

But I do have this very strong feeling

That if someone somewhere

Doesn’t get off his butt

And start shaking a fist

We’re pretty much screwed


I mean, if our only reaction to people clogging the streets

Is to get pissed off and wish we’d taken public transportation

Or to cheer them quietly, but never go down to the park

Or wherever they’re gathering, with some clean socks…

I’m just sayin’


I’ll admit it, I’m getting old; I’m in my fifties

And though I barely have a job, I do have to go to it

I don’t make champagne and caviar kinda dough

I’m lite beer and canned tuna, but still

I like my comforts


So, as much as I know what’s what

And what will be and all of that

I can read about it online and thumb it up 

Yes, I know I should do more and I will

I definitely will

One of these days

I guess


All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP