Garden Party

After seven years since our parting of ways

Seven years of nights and seven years of days

Of course we met again

Observing common laws

In one of perfect time's imperfect flaws


I expected I would see you at the garden party

And of course you were looking hale and hearty

And, and this I find unaccountably strange

In seven years you'd hardly changed


You looked the same

How did you feel?

I was struck by the same old sadness

Behind your same old glasses

And thought, time doesn't heal

It just passes


Of course, we told each other we're doing well

Tacitly avoided any mention of past hell

Your voice still rang like a deep, cracked bell

Are you happy? 

I couldn't tell


I just thought, "The only thing I know is real..."

As we swirled the melting ice in our crying glasses 

Is that time doesn't heal

It just passes


We didn't laugh

We didn't cry

We admired the flowers

And the blue, blue sky

We took a stroll across

The green, green grass

And I for one

Keenly felt the time pass


We smiled there as the camera snapped

You snapped, too, at my lover

"My eyes were closed," you said and so

We took another


We smiled again, side by side

We squeezed each other's shoulders as we posed

I'll keep the one with your eyes open wide

The other is enclosed


As I look at the photos now

I'm taken again by how

The truth of time, alas, is

That it doesn't heal, it just passes


All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP