God Is Wide

So, my brother says God is

A flat-butted, crew-cutted, linebacker

A macho-man babe hijacker

Panting at the line of scrimmage

He makes God in his own image

And I don't begrudge him that


But his is a God who hates all fags

Jews, Hindus and kids in rags

The bible can thump like a big bass drum

'Til every single sacred cow come

Home, I know where that's at



God is Wide

You can't get around him to the other side

You can't outrun him and you sure can't hide


So my brother says

Say what you will,

And I don't really care what you do

It's your life and it's up to you

Then he blinks his eye

Which is true sky-blue

Puts his arms around his daughter

Turns to view the tube

Jumps 'n cheers when his team rocks


Then there's the God who with open arms

Is the God of the family farms

Inhabits the fields and the flowers and the barns

Smiles when the Missus darns

Her husband's socks




So my brother says you know 

That I don't like to fight

But I think I know what's wrong from what's right

Whatever some people may do or say

You can't tell me it's okay

It ain't no way to be


Then there's the God who lives in every tree

Is she the one who created me?

Easter, waking up the spring

I'm not sure to whom I should sing

Or from whom I should flee




So my brother

He jumps in to his shiny car

Though he never seems to drive too far

To the PTA

To the voting booth

To get a filling for his sweet tooth

He drives to the mall


Where there's a God of neon

A God of light

A God who brightens frightening night

A God who's gonna makes all things right

Awesome power and might

This be the true God after all?




So my brother says


All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP