Humphrey's song

You can babble on

From here to Babylon

And just grump a-

Bout the hump ya

Never had


Or you can keep your eyes on

The brightening horizon

Content and


The world’s not bad


For, life is a journey

At every turn we

Encounter a new wonder

Life’s an adventure

If you just lament, your

Sure to make a blunder


You can whine and complain

All the way to old Bahrain

And decide

The bumpy ride

Is a big hassle

Or you can measure all the miles

In happiness and smiles

And understand

That out of sand

You make your castle


For life’s a journey

At every turn we

Encounter a new glory

Life’s an adventure

Wherever you are sent you’re

Sure to find a story


I’m telling you

It doesn’t do

To sit and stew all day

Take it from me

Your friend Humphrey

You’re never happy when you just stay


You can say the sun is hotter

Than the desert sands of Qatr

As you lie about

And cry about

The weather


Or you can decide

To go along for the ride

And be glad

You, Mom and Dad

Are all together


Yes, life’s a journey

And at every turn we

Find another mystery

Life’s an adventure

Be careful how it’s spent, you’re

Making your own history


So wherever you may wander

Up or down or yonder

Be sure that at the end of the day you’ll say

When you’ve had your adventure

You, my friend, you went your

Very, own, merry way!

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP