She’s can make ten thousand a weekend, even a night

But then, there’s getting through each day

He tells her he loves her so much that he could kill her


And he almost has a few times



Once she got away, she tried slinging hash

It wasn’t as easy as easy might seem

She’d gotten used to much easier cash

She gotten used to the cream


He only wants a burger and some fries

He doesn’t want to super-size

But he can’t get through the door

What in the world are they fighting for?


He has come here so many times

Now he can’t get past the picket lines

He’d go to some other store

But then he’d pay much more


Now she’s studying the law

She’s hoping she’ll go very far

She’s diving a deep one, a deep one

He swears he doesn’t want a bunch

Doesn’t want a free lunch

Just wants a cheap one, a cheap one


No, we swear, we don’t want a bunch

We’re not looking for a free lunch

Just a cheap one, a cheap one, a cheap one

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP