MPretty Daughter


My little daughter (Others: Hm, hm)

My pretty daughter (Hm, hm)

My little daughter, my pretty daughter (Hm, hm, Hm)


Well, I’m not sure just what you’ve heard

And I don’t know what you’ve been told

But at the risk of sounding absurd

I say my kid takes straw and spins it into gold!


My little daughter (Hm, hm)

One day I caught ‘er (Hm, hm)

My little daughter, one day I caught ‘er (Hm, hm, Hm)


I said, “Child, what you doin’ at that spinnin’ wheel

Runnin’ string through yer fingers ‘n tappin’ yer heel?”

She said, “papa, don’t moan, now Papa don’t scold

Can’t you see I take straw and spin it into gold?”


You think I’m a fool?

Well, you’ll see red

When you see her spinnin’ out a spool

Of shiny thread!


My little daughter (Hm, hm)

Catch ‘er while I got ‘er (Hm, hm)

My little daughter

Catch ‘er while I got ‘er (Hm, hm, Hm)


She sho’ ‘nuff pretty

She sho’ ‘nuff sweet

She’s only twenty summers old

But no biddy in this city could ever compete

With my kid when she takes straw

And spins it into gold


It’s a wonder of the highest water

And, fellas, may I be so bold

As to brag about my pretty daughter

The kid takes straw

And spins it

And spins it

And spins it…

Into gold!

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP