Now I Watch My Blood Turn White

Been presented with my imminent demise

Once or twice

Looked it in the eyes

And it ain't nice

Gone's the time when I could run away

Say, "No man, I don't wanna play"

Now I face it every day


Now I watch my blood turn white


I was three and it was just a pond

But to me it flowed on and on

That is from my perch beneath the tide

'Til an unseen hand pulled me up and

Dripping on the quay I cried

I've never forgotten

Though certainly I've tried


Now I watch my blood flow white


On a beach near a jetty

Talking to a naked man named Eddy

On his way out with booze 'n pills

And a shout and a machete

Pictured my guts like spilled spaghetti

Decided then I wasn't ready

Said goodbye to dear old Eddy

And I took flight


Now I watch my blood run white


This song is true

It's sung for me, not you

Indulge me, do

A selfish word or two


While I watch my blood turn white

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP