Ooh, MLoves TEat

Me not nice, no, no

Me not sweet, uh uh

Me got big ugly hands

Me got big ugly feet

Me know me not good looking

But I’ve got somethin’ cookin’

And, ooh, me loves to eat!


Don’t give me veggies, no, no

No shredded wheat, uh uh

No fruit for this brute

Gimme some red meat

I like something restin’

Inside o’ my intestine

Ooh, me loves to eat!


Don’t give me no dairy

No pickled beet

That ain’t no way

To make a giant’s meal complete

Englishmun or Brooklyn Bum

That’s what me loves to eat!


If you’re ever in my fable

If we happen to meet

You be welcome at my table

But not in a seat

It’s a simple matter

Me throw you on a platter

And commence to eat!


Me put you in the oven

And me turn up the heat

Me bake you and me make you

A meal that can’t be beat

Call me an old sinner

But me gotta have me dinner

‘Cause ooh, me loves to eat!


Be you a man from England

Or from a Brooklyn street

Be you rotten or au gratin

You’ll be such a treat

Plump around the middle

Hot off the griddle

Ooh, me loves to eat!

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP