Playin' The Man

You tell me that after all this

Walkin’ the walk an’ talkin’ the talk

You’re just about ready to be flipped over on your back

And be made to shut up, well, baby

You’ve come to the right place


See I’ve got half a nelson to do just what you’re wantin’

Done and when I’m done with my doin’

You ’n I will get more down than ever was got off

A duck, a goose, or any other bird, ’cause, baby

I’m reading the writing on your face



It ain’t easy playin’ the man

It ain’t easy playin’ the man

It ain’t easy playin’ the man

It ain’t easy playin’


Well, you just sit here on your Papa’s knee

And tell him all your troubles, son

I know you want to and, like I said, when  we’re all done

And you’ve been lapped up, slapped up, shut up and down

And you’ve come to the right place


We can just sleep it off, sleep it off

Then we’ll bring it on and on again

And we won’t tell nobody, nobody you don’t want to

And we’ll clean up, see

And leave not the slightest tell-tale trace




You don’ wanna stand straight

Shit, ya can’t think straight

You don’ wanna carry a gun

You don’ wanna be one

You wanna get soft, not hard, right?


You wanna be flipped over, not flipped over

Ya wanna be shut up, not shut up

Ya wanna cry if ya want to

Ya wanna try, don’t ya want to?

Ya wanna be afraid o’ the dark night

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP