On an autumn day as winds grew colder

When summer was past and the year was older

They gathered together for the pressing, dressing


In warm sweaters, they sat on chairs

Around low benches, working in pairs

Washing, preparing. Sharing


Jokes as they worked, they laughed

Teased each other, chaffed

Told stories of their youth

Said things like, “Ain’t that the truth?”


And “Everything and nothing seems

To change, not even in our dreams…”

They shivered, moving on

To the table set on the lawn


On late greens and later squash, they fed

Handing ‘round slices of home made bread

Spread with berries they’d preserved

They served


Up toasts and a bit more laughter

Congratulated each other, and after

Shaking heads of gray and brown

And putting their glasses down


They exchanged recipes and goodbyes

Divided the cider and the supplies

Kissed each other on the cheek

Promised to call later this week

Shook hands, nodded their heads

And went home to turn down their beds

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP