Pretty Thing


Pretty thing, all in a chair

Wringing hands and pullin’ hair

She has got herself into a jam

Pretty thing, how does she feel?

All alone at spinnin’ wheel?

It is a good thing that here I am

To help you with your spinning

My, pretty thing



Pretty thing, yes, I agree

You’ve nothing left to give to me

But remember, please, that I know all

When the king, his greed is fed

Will decide that you will wed

Yes, yes, there will be a lovely ball

You’ll marry the son of the king

My pretty thing



If only you wait til I’m his wife

I’ll pay you well for saving my life

For then I will have good gifts to bring

I’ll give you something bright and sparkling

Some pretty thing



Pretty thing, on bended knees

Give me no more trinkets, please

I want something only you can give

Pretty thing, when all is done

Give to me your first-born son

In return for helping you to live

That is all I want, for my spinning

One pretty thing

My pretty thing

What a pretty thing

My pretty thing!

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP