Remember Summer

Remember summer

How we'd run along the beach

Remember summer

How we'd reach and reach

We wore nothing in our hearts

And nothing on our skin

And nothing on our feet

Remember summer

It was sweet

It was golden


Remember summer

Climbing mountains in Vermont

Remember summer

How we took what we wanted

We'd hold hands there on the street

We'd cry, we'd sing, we'd rant, we'd bleat

We'd make love heart beat to heart beat

Remember summer

It was sweet

It was golden


And now the leaves all turn from greens to reds

And now our hair turns gray upon our heads

Apples drip from drooping trees

We pluck and taste them at our ease

And summer is through memories beheld

Beholden, we agree

Yes, it was golden


Remember summer

Its pleasure

Remember summer

The leisure

Oh, how earnestly we'd chat

And gravely ponder this or that

Sure we'd got the answers pat and complete

Remember summer

We were sweet

We were golden


And now we don long sleeves

We light the fire; we hug our knees

And hug each other, in our bed

Pull the covers up around our heads

And read...

And remember summer

Sweet and golden



All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP