Nana, nana, nana      


Nana, nana, nana              


Nana, nana, nana            


Nana, nana, nana


Nana, nana, nana                                                        


Nana, nana, nana                                                            



She prays for hours everyday        

So many times

She's tried to teach me how to pray     

Handing me words printed on a card               

Urges me to pray real hard           


To St. Anthony for something missing           

Jesus, for peace and justice kissing

St. Jude for causes lost

Meaning me                         

For children, the Virgin Mary   


She keeps her prayers in a box on the shelf            

I've never heard her pray for herself


Nana, nana, nana


This time she told me that if one prays            

To St. Theresa for seven days

St. Theresa would send a rose

At least, that's how the old story goes


She told me how

She prayed for seven days

For me, she said

Like she always prays

And on the seventh day

The minister's wife came by

Handed her a rose

She began to cry


And the minister's wife said "Why?"



Oh I pray for my grandson


Keep him always close to you


Keep him always close to me


I'm gonna pray more and more


Keep that boy alive


Keep him from the devil's tricks


And keep him a sweet place in heaven


She, oh no she, she could not speak

The tears just ran on down her cheek

She sobbed, I prayed so hard this week

And now you hand me a pink, pink rose

Oh God, in heaven, St. Theresa knows

She knows, she knows, she knows


“I knew,” she said, squeezing the lady's hand

“I knew that heaven would understand”

The minister's wife, she cried then too

She told me "Boy, we cried for you"


Nana, nana, nana


She tells me miracles happen each and every day

To those who pray and pray and pray

She squeezes my right hand

She tells me one day I will understand

Well, that may be, that may be

I'll just have to wait and see

And in the meantime she

Keeps praying for me


Nana, nana, nana


All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP