Tell MYour Name

Tell me your name

What are you called

I am aflame

I am enthralled

You are so lovely

Please don’t blame

Me if I beg you

Tell me your name


Say where you’re from

Where you’ve been hiding

Where in the kingdom

You’ve been abiding

How is it I know

Not of your fame

Know nothing of you

Tell me your name


I’m sure it’s beautiful

Just like your eyes

I’m sure it’s lovely

As a sunrise

I’m sure it’s pretty

I’m sure it’s fine

Please tell me yours

I’ll tell you mine


Come pretty dame

Why be so shy

What perfect name

Do you go by?

I’m filled with wonder

And I am under

Your spell

Please tell me

Your name

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP