Three Little Words

Three little words come rushing

Tumbling out amid the gushing and the blushing

Three little words that run around the ear

Cried out in a way that you thought you’d never hear


The first time he said them I was taken by surprise

By the words and by the river that was roaring from his eyes

I thought, “How do I answer? How do I resist?

How do I get him to let go of my wrist?”


Three little words once uttered

Even if they are barely muttered or stuttered

Three little words that sink like a stone

Make up a lonely phrase that can’t be left alone


So, of course I repeated exactly what he said

Felt it on my tongue and nearly spat it at his head

Oh, I meant them then as surely as I do today

Thought lately they’ve become so goddamned hard to say


It’s simpler just to call out “Take care then!”

To the closing door each morning

“Be careful now” and make it

Sound as if it’s not a warning

Safe phrases like “see you later” and “I’ll be home by nine”

Are easier than wrenching out

“I’m so fucking glad you’re mine!”


Three little words gone missing

Somewhere between the hissing and the dissing

Three little words, once bandied in the spring

A couple of seasons later seem to lose their ring

But though they somehow sort of now refuse to sing

They’re three little words that still

Mean everything


All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP