Learned today I might have killed a man

He might have died by the touch of my hand

Or another part of me

Not the heart of me

Is it true? God knows

I never meant to

But, I might have anyway

I might have anyway


I loved them all see

And I know they loved me

In a silent, sad way, true

But, that was the only way we knew

If we'd known then what we know now

Well, it don't matter anyhow

And now, how I pray



It's true

No lie

Face up

Don't cry

For you

And I

Lace up

And tie

A knot

We live a little

But then we die

A lot


He died alone, same as he lived

Never told me or anyone else if he might forgive us

And now I can't let myself forget

One kissed throat, one missed boat

One missed still,

No I never will


When I was a boy I learned to love

My body and all it was made of

And all it could do

It could run and sing, true

And the juice that ran beneath my skin was mine

Pure and sweet like red, red wine

I would lie in the sun

And I would shine




If there's a heaven or if there's a hell

(I used to think I knew so well)

Is he looking down or up at me

And what, I wonder, does he see

The soles of my feet

Or the top of my head

Barely living or almost dead

Does he watch me linger?


And I wonder if he is at all forgiving

Of the fact that I'm still living,

If you can call it that

Does he call it that?

Or is he raining tears for me

Crying years for me

Is he laughing, instead?

Is he pointing his trigger finger?

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP