Freedom is sweet

And sometimes it’s fleeting

Like a bird on the street

Or flying or tweeting

The songbird you’re greeting

There on the sill

May fly away still

May fly away still


Freedom is grand

Even when it is small

As the palm of a hand

Or a bug on the wall

Yet, freedom is all

It’s everything

So let it ring

So let it ring


But not too loud

But not too strong

Remain in the crowd

But not too long

Long enough to get away

Not long enough to stay


Freedom is wise

Freedom is mad

Free as the skies

And just as glad

Freedom is sad

But most of all

Freedom is small

Yes, freedom is small


Freedom is sometimes granted by princes

And the granting sometimes evinces

A certain attitude

Of bowing gratitude

And freedom thrives in sheltered places

Enjoyed by the most enlightened of races

Until, under bold attack,

The trusted prince takes freedom back


Freedom is fine

Freedom is golden

Freedom is mine

I am unbeholden

My freedom’s unfoldin’

Like a bitter rind

In my mind

In my mind

All words and music by Dave Hall ©

Publisher: Row House Music   PRO: ASCAP