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Flying Bed



Songs of Brooklyn

Words & Music


Like so many Americans, part of Dave's family’s story takes place in Brooklyn.  When Dave first moved to the same neighborhood where his great-grandparents met,  he felt the presence of his ancestors as he walked the same streets they did, shopped in the same ethnic markets, and met his own life mate there. In so many ways Brooklyn's history is America’s history, and Songs of Brooklyn, a work for voice, piano and cello, traces the life of the borough from the 16th through the 21st century. It   touchingly captures the sense of time and change, arrival and departure and the vibrancy of the people who live there.

Darkened City

Words & Music


New York City in the first years of the 21st century is a city of contrasts: between the rich and the poor, the dark and the light, the powerful and the powerless.  It’s a city full of eager vitality and at the same time there are corners of it where people struggle to survive.  Darkened City, a metaphorical tale of one winter night in present day New York, is a series of portraits of several New Yorkers, ones I’ve encountered personally, or read or heard about.  Scored for voice, guitar, cello, bass and middle eastern percussion, Darkened City is part rock, part classical, and part spoken word.




Walking The Rails

The Stick

There's A Mill

Standing In Water


Member Of The Team

Parents, Monsters And God

Lullaby / Walking The Rails


Beards And Beer

Atlantic Avenue

Songs of Boyhood

Words & Music


Upon returning to live near the place where he grew up, Dave was inspired to write a series of poems based on remembered experiences from his childhood, as well as various imagined scenarios he thought common to all boys.  The poems, set to music for string quartet, tenderly capture many aspects of boyhood.  This song cycle gently traces an arc from early childhood, through growing into a man, to growing old. 

Mermaid Parade




Battle Of Brooklyn


So Many Streets


City of Light

Far be it from me

The Egg


His son her daughter

Is It My House? / The Clock Song


Selfish Shellfish

Llamas In Pajamas

Angela’s Flying Bed

Music/lyrics, book (co-writer)


An original story about an over-scheduled little girl who is so frustrated by her harried and inattentive parents’ constant moves to bigger and bigger houses that she decides to never get out of bed again.  Her parents consult a specialist who prescribes a new bed, and it turns out the new bed flies.  Angela and her wise-cracking bed travel around the world, meeting many exotic creatures and learning lessons along the way.

Humphrey's Song



Flying Bed

He's An Artist / Look Lady

It's All Free

Ooh, Me Loves To Eat

The Giant's Become A Bum

Jack And The Beanstalk

Music/lyrics, book (co-writer)


This version of the classic children's story is set in Brooklyn, where Jack is an artist who paints on cows.  This entertaining all-ages show takes a freewheeling look at wealth and materialism.


Just Being Me

My Pretty Daughter

Pretty Thing

Tell Me Your Name

What Do You Do?


Music/lyrics, book (co-writer)


This version of the well-loved fairy tale is set in Appalachia, replete with an Elvis-like king, a barber shop quartet, blue grass-tinged tunes and Prince!


Concert Music

Musical Theater

'Round Midlife

Music/lyrics/book (co-writer)


'Round Midlife is a musical that Dave Hall co-wrote with friends David Brown and Lydia Gaston. It’s an autobiographical story of three crazy performing artists at midlife.

I Had a Hunch

Three Little Words


Getting Home



Dave's very first musical, written shortly after graduating from The Manhattan School of Music, was performed in a vacant lot on the Lower East Side of NYC.  It told the story of a group of homesteaders (folks who take over and rehabilitate abandoned buildings) and was perfomed by residents of the neighborhood.


Ancram Suite

Words & Music


A short cycle of songs inspired by the small town of Ancram NY where Hall spends a lot of time.  The songs trace the cycle of the seasons and the events in an agricultual town.  Written for voice, cello, piano and guitar.

The Calamus Poems (Walt Whitman)



Commissioned by the Whitman Project, Dave set a number of Walt Whitman's Calamus Poems for  voice and guitar. 


Words & Music


As a reaction to the events of 9/11, Dave composed a three-movement work for chamber chorus.  For text, Dave utilized Arab contributions to civilization; texts of phone calls he fielded when he volunteered at an Arab-American social service agency just after the event; names of famous Arab-Americans.

Voices From Guantanamo

Incidental Music


Hall wrote the incidental and underscoring music for the Off-Broadway play, which was based on poems written by inmates at the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba.  

As You Like It

Much Ado About Nothing



Dave wrote the music and played the characters who sang the songs in each of these Shakespeare comedies produced by the Brave New World Theater Company  

Richard Hoehler's Working Class & Human Resources

Incidental Music


Dave wrote original incidental music for Hoehler's Working Class, and songs from the CDs Playin' The Man and Places were adapted for Human Resources.



Where I Want To Stay

Like He Understood


Bluegrass At The Wayside Inn 




Good Arabs

One Day

All Good Things

Opening Music

Circling Music

Soccer Music

Guard Music

For My Father

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